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Goodmark Medical™ provides innovative services and technologies, which address the challenges facing today’s healthcare provider. Pressure ulcers, falls and interoperability are a few good examples. We help health and medical providers strive for improved outcomes and greater efficiency. We also very selectively present health and medical products that are unique and can make a difference.

Our Mission

To build and sustain medical market niches resulting in empowered healthcare consumers, reduced system expenses and increased provider revenue, leading to improved medical outcomes. Goodmark Medical™ positively improves health-care via an “innovative” business model which positively changes the “point-of-view” of healthcare constituents regarding the use of products or services they deploy. Our “novel marketing and distribution concept” promotes maximum use of technology and is both cost effective and more efficient than traditional medical distribution. This results in uncommon flexibility and responsiveness to the changing healthcare environment and constituent needs. Our success is evidenced by improved patient outcomes, lowered overall cost-of-care, increased professional productivity and enhanced efficiency. Each Goodmark Medical™ product or service produces attainable and measurable results, enhanced with constant input from constituents. We strive to constantly listen and painstakingly respond to healthcare stakeholders while striving to improve quality and outcome.


Relaymed & Goodmark Medical, LLC (USA)
Goodmark Medical & Relaymed

We help find solutions to the challenges healthcare providers face by deploying services, products and technologies created by our team or our numerous partner companies.

Our team is experienced in the creation of dynamic growth of new medical/health products and services in partnership with device manufacturers by marketing, distributing and supporting our customers.
Michael Visnich

From Efficient Solutions to Novel Marketing, and Specialized Customer Service, the rest of the team is ready to meet YOU!

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