Michael R. Visnich


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Michael Visnich’s career exemplifies the identification and exploitation of the ever-changing, emerging trends in healthcare. His career, spans more than thirty years in the medical, specialty pharmaceutical and diagnostic distribution business, encompassing corporate and entrepreneurial endeavors.  Initially in medical distribution sales, he held management positions at Healthco/Foster Medical and was VP of Alternate Site Marketing at General Medical Corporation (McKesson), VP Consumer/Retail Marketing at Harris Pharmaceutical, CEO of Priority Healthcare Corporation (Express Scripts), Founder and CEO of Quality Assured Services, Inc. (QAS, sold to Inverness Medical Innovations in 2007).


He recently founded Goodmark Medical, LLC., soon to go to market with a novel medical distribution model concept designed to capitalize on the tumultuous changes now underway in healthcare.


Among his accomplishments are:

  • Development of a mail order model for full practice equipment sales at Healthco/Foster
  • Creation of the General Medical VIP Plan and the first GM Sales Training “University”
  • Lead the USA’s first large scale specialty pharmaceutical business deploying primarily telesales to physicians while CEO at Priority Healthcare
  • Founded QAS, a niche medical distribution company, selling to both consumers and professionals and was awarded as one of the 500 fastest growing private US companies (INC.500) four consecutive years in a row.

Michael has also been published in print and on the web and featured in trade magazines and books on various healthcare business topics as well as speaking at numerous business events.





COO / General Manager

Brian Bellissimo


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Brian Bellissimo has been in Healthcare Operations and Device Technology Innovations for over twelve years.  His career provides over twenty-five years in operational and design management expertise.


Prior to Goodmark Medical, Brian has held general and executive management positions at Quality Assured Services (QAS); a medical device distribution company, from its inception and through to its acquisition by Inverness Medical.

From IT & Operations Director to Vice President of Convergence Technologies, his previous responsibilities and accomplishments provide the operational backbone to Goodmark.

Some of his previous achievements include:

  • Creation and implementation of the Protime Patient Monitoring (PPM) System designed for the management of patient self-testers.  PPM provided a method of logging of the patient’s test result into a database for physician management and patient product and supply oversight and fulfillment for QAS.
  • Operational management of medical device sales, service and monitoring of patient self-testers and physician office & home health services diagnostic business.  This included the development and direction of the Clinical Services, Customer Service, and Procurement & Logistics areas of device sales.
  • Development and implementation of the Policy and Procedures Manuals for treatment of all manufacturer’s products and its relationship to sales, customer support, handling, processing, quality controls and placement with end users including regulatory oversight and internal audits.
  • Responsible for the development, deployment and convergence of the RapidRelay program between QAS and its new parent company; Inverness Medical Innovations. The program was created within QAS for patient self-testing and medical professional management of information resulting from products developed by Inverness & services purchased through QAS.
  • Design and implementation of the communications systems including call center and IVR programs utilized in above programs and operations.

As the COO and General Manager of Goodmark Medical, Brian has the knowledge and expertise to help create and operate a company specifically designed to take on the challenges and tremendous growth opportunities in the medical industries of the twenty first century.