Vice President of Business Solutions

Nestor Rentas


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Nestor Rentas brings his unique Management and Analytical experience to Goodmark Solutions with over 25 years combined technical, administrative & solution driven hands on configuration expertise in complex technical environments. His specialties include Databases, Microsoft Collaboration Servers, software application analysis, call center solutions, WAN / LAN / SECURITY design and its related Management Software as well as various Business Continuity solutions and Business application analysis.


His previous experience included working with Quality Assured Services (QAS) and Alere Executive Teams as IT Director with the responsibility of engineering, managing and offering comprehensive solutions that directly impacted the technical infrastructure and its related services. His unique and vast array of knowledge allowed QAS to invest in a successful design that supported over 300 employees in multiple geographic locations. His efforts and successes also helped catapult sales to over 25 million and increase customer satisfaction levels.


Some other successes that Nestor brings to the Team include:


  • Successful Entrepreneur owning and managing various business ventures that provided him a comprehensive outlook on the customer’s needs as well as the support and concerns of suppliers.
  • Working with and completing many successful projects for both Government and Private sector industries with imaging and document management solutions.
  • His background also includes work as a full time nurse with exposure and intimate knowledge of the medical facilities, providers and patients in the health system.
  • His Project Management, Business Solving and Solution Planning skills along with his strong technical background and medical expertise are key to Goodmark Medical’s business plans and objectives. His role as Vice President of Business Solutions allows his Sales Engineering talent to be maximized fully when working d irectly with Clients to address their needs.

Director, Solutions Services

Jen Alford


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Jennifer Alford brings to Goodmark Medical over 25 years of diversified electronic data management, coupled with 12 years of Career and Life Coaching experience with a passionate commitment to the customer.

Among her accomplishments are:

  • Founder and CEO of EMR Solutions Now, LLC.  A company founded to empower medical professionals to focus on their patients instead of paperwork by using state of the art technology.  Jennifer nurtured relationships with key industry leaders and acted as the liaison between EMR developers and end users providing the optimal outcome for all.
    • Product Owner
    • Project Manager
  • Managed the Data Solutions Division of QAS.  As the product owner Jennifer worked with the software development team to design program enhancements and develop products to boost sales, meet client’s needs and expectations in order to assist in meeting company goals. Responsible for management of program application, implementation and support.
    • Product owner
  • COO and co-owner of Golden Rule P&B – Managed daily operations as well as business development, and obtaining and maintaining strategic alliances necessary for a well-rounded and successful business. Jennifer worked with software developers to create solutions for strategic connectivity between industry divisions.
  • Life and Career Coach for FBC-CF.  Using motivational counseling technique provides life altering motivation and root changing tools to assist men and women from all walks of life recognize their extraordinary potential, while empowering and inspiring them to create a deliberate life and successful relationships.
    • Chaplain – Florida Hospital, ORMC and Health Central: Motivation and Grief
    • Counselor – FBC-CF and Orange County Jail
    • Career & Life Coach – Employee team building, Conflict Resolution, Manager’s Corner- Bridging the Gap, Constructive vs Destructive Criticism; C-Suite- A Bird’s Eye View with Your Feet on the Ground

While at Goodmark Medical, Jennifer has been instrumental in introducing the BAM Labs TLC Smart Bed solution into the Long Term Care market.  She continues to cultivate strategic alliances with industry leaders in order to revolutionize standards of care.

She has developed all aspects of Goodmark’s commitment to the customer experience, from working with the manufacturer on product enhancements, leading GMM’s development of client portals and specialty reports, to the customer’s daily experience with Goodmark’s services and all touchpoints in between.


Director, Clinical Solutions

Sheila Coffman

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Sheila Coffman is a former Point of Care Coordinator from University Hospital in San Antonio, Texas. She transitioned to the industry side of Point of Care (POC) working as Director of Clinical Services at Quality Assured Services, Inc. (QAS) in Orlando, Florida.


Most of her years in POC have been spent specialized in coagulation supporting healthcare providers and also patients self-testing. Recently Sheila’s work has been with Abbott Point of Care as an Implementation Project Manager placing POC technology throughout the hospital, but with primary focus on cardiac markers in an emergency department setting.

  • Sheila has worked as a consultant in the field of POC for development of medical devices, regulatory guidance and technical writing.
  • She has an extensive body of published work on numerous topics in the field of Point of Care Testing.
  • She was a contributing author for the CLSI POCT09-A document, Selection Criteria for Point-of-Care Testing Devices.
  • Currently is a faculty advisor for the American Association of Clinical Chemistry (AACC) CPOCT Division POC Specialist Certificate Program.
  • Sheila’s role as the Director of Clinical Solutions at Goodmark Medical provides a valuable insight and empathy for the Client’s prerequisites when addressing their needs and developing solutions. Sheila Coffman can also be found lecturing for Whitehat Communications. To find her next scheduled lecture, view: