H.I.I.T. The Ground Running

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So why try the H.I.I.T. method? Well for starters it helps you retain lean muscle you need for burning calories all day long. Basically after a warm up you sprint for 1 min, then jog for 2 mins then go back to sprinting, then running and so on and so on for 20 mins. The more fit you become the longer and faster you will be sprinting, but you always stick to 20 mins, no more.

Because it only takes 20 mins, you will not feel as tired as if you were running for an hour, but you will have burned off the same amount of calories. HIIT should be done 2-3 times a week. Remember to warm up and cool down. And if you’re lifting weights do your lifting 1st.

Don’t do any exercise before eating breakfast, this exercise is high intensity and you may get dizzy and pass out if your not well fueled.

VERY IMPORTANT – Take it slow, it’s much harder than it sounds.

H I I T H.I.I.T Program Ideas (I will be posting some in depth programs in the coming weeks)

warm up= (slowly building your heart rate to 130-150)
cool down= (bringing your heart rate down to 110-130)

s= sprinting (fast enough to last only 1min)
r=running (fast enough to last only 3mins)
w= walking (at a pace to keep your heart rate high-swinging your arms)

Beginners – run, sprint, walk