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The Smart Bed: The New Age of Connected Care

BAM Labs’ mobile applications turn, Apple iPods, iPhones and iPads into cloud-enabled patient monitors – enabling caregivers to stay in
touch effortlessly and efficiently with everyone in their care.

  • Invisible to the monitored person, nothing attached to the body
  • Effortless for the caregiver
  • Monitor anyone from anywhere on any Internet connected device.
  • Automated data collection insures accurate and reliable data and provides trend information for preventive care
  • Hospital-grade smart bed system affordable for care facility and caregiver

BAM Labs Touch-free Life Care™ (TLC) System

Smart Bed Technology For Every Care Facility

The BAM Labs TLC sensor mat, placed under any bed mattress, continuously detects heart rate, breathing rate, motion and presence. Data is automatically transmitted to the BAM Labs TLC analysis cloud. Caregivers receive health data and alerts on their PC or mobile devices such as smart phones, iPod touch and iPads.

Using the BAM Labs TLC System, caregivers can monitor a group of people at all times while performing their daily duties. Caregivers can also review long term trend data for sleep patterns, resting heart and breathing rate and sleep quality to identify adverse changes in health for early intervention.