Our proven “market-making” results with medical services speaks for itself!

Goodmark Medical™ drives improvement in healthcare by creating a cost-effective, efficient business model that disrupts the “point of view” of healthcare constituents to their benefit, via a “novel marketing and distribution concept” which maximizes the use of technology, a low-cost business structure resulting in uncommon flexibility and customer response versus traditional, established competitors.



We are dedicated to empowered consumers, physicians, healthcare professionals and patients. Evidence of our success is improved patient outcomes, lowered overall cost-of-care and increased efficiency and productivity. Each product / service provides proven results, reported regularly and enhanced with constant input from constituents. We fanatically strive to listen and respond to healthcare stakeholders while consistently improving quality.



  • GM operates B-2-B: Home Health Group, Physician Sales, Institutional, Government Sales / Logistics / Distribution.
  • B-to-C: Direct to Consumer Sales, Patient Support and Services.
  • Transmedia Marketing: Community, Blogs, Email Newsletters, Campaigns, Promotion and P.R.
  • Country headquarters for medical / health products produced outside the USA.

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