Why Us

At Goodmark Medical™, we believe in empowering the healthcare provider AND the patient with technology in medical devices and in access of test results. Every piece of information should be available and used to improve outcomes. Our “novel marketing and distribution concept” promotes maximum use of technology, is cost effective and more efficient than traditional medical distribution. 


“Relaymed is an affordable cloud service that automatically captures 100% of your point-of-care test data and allows you to efficiently assign it to your EHR securely as structured data. Visit Relaymed for more details.
The ErgoSEET is one of our very popular therapeutic seat cushions used to aid in reducing back pain. See which cushion best fits your needs ErgoSEET Info.


“The Smart Bed Solution enables us to remotely monitor residents ranging from trends in their heart rate and respiratory rates to bed exits and bed turns.
A smart monitoring device without wires is a big plus and an exciting new development that puts Care Homes by RNs at the forefront of smart residential care homes.”
Ron Ordona
MSN, RN for Home Care by RN’s

Powerful Relationships

  • Over 450 customers spanning 700 US locations. Which include DME, Rehab, Nursing Home customers, and various dealers.
  • Proven relationships with several large healthcare internet e-tailers.
  • Marketing and distribution relationships with proven medical device manufacturers such as McKesson Medical and Siemens Medical.

World Known

  • World wide distribution and marketing in countries such as Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zeland, China, and Japan.
  • Trade sponsorship with trusted industry organizations such as the American Chiropractic Association and International Chiropractic Association.
  • Continuous investments in educational seminars and vendor showcases such as Medtrade and AHCA.